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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Street Play Looks For The Summer | Breakbounce Streetwear
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Guest blog by Divya Maben for Breakbounce
There’s almost nothing more comfortable than track pants, right? So Prashanth and I decided to ditch our jeans for these super comfortable Breakbounce track pants and the vest and t-shirt making these the perfect street play looks for the summer. I’m in a complete Breakbounce look because women can pull off men’s clothes too, don’t forget that! You can size up or down based on the look and fit you’re in the mood for or most comfortable in.

Bangalore has some amazing artists and therefore absolutely brilliant street art around the city that we wanted to bring to life with these effortlessly, cool and casual street play looks that anyone can pull off. But, listen up boys! If you’ve been looking for any other pieces to add to your summer wardrobe since the temperatures have started to soar have a look at what else they have in store here! Because it’s time to have some fun by getting those street play looks to kick start your summer style!
Content and Image credits: Divya Maben.
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