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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » It’s Time For Madness In An Urban Wonderland
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It’s time for the winter sunshine homies in a mystic world of madness; we call it “The Urban Wonderland”. It’s here where your whacked out wild ideas will come alive. Where your bubble will refuse to burst. Where it’ll float to reside atop of Jack’s bean stalk. You’ll find your alter ego – the geek, the mad hatter with the cat, the lunatic who chases storms. Yes you got it right, it’s time to go down that rabbit hole just like Alice did. So get your ass off that couch and set off your sparks of creativity, your madness and be the real you.


The Urban Wonderland is waiting for you, the crazy ones. And Breakbounce has just the gear to help you live it, breathe it, explore it once you do.


That’s the mad-hatter mantra of the season. Be bold to sport sublimation and bright floral prints. What? Did I hear that “Floral are too feminine!” oh c’mon get over it you mad guys and get along with the trend that suits you. Dig in the cut & sew shirt, mix and match it with chinos and a washed tee. Let your imagination go wild b’coz being bold is being you

This is not it check out some more right here –

Layer, layer, layer. Go wild while layering b’coz streets are all about being mad and curious. Sport a tee over a printed shirt or a shacket. Did it sound a little off? But brother, you won’t know it until you try it. Let your undiscovered genius rise.

Check it out -

This winter, streets are on fire with neon tones and colors. Pop of neon and ditsy-tiny prints can bring alive the street spirit. Bro, you really think you heard too much? We don’t think so! Ditch the black and white, ditch the obvious. Go colors tripping like you never before. That’s the spirit of the Urban Wonderland. If anyone tells you, there doesn’t exist a place like that, pay no heed.

Don’t drool - just explode -

Look for the details bruh, the multiple patch pockets, and collars with drawstrings, military-inspired badges, mix and match of denims and checks and sweet neon highlights. Let the devil do the rest to set your street style a notch up. We are all mad here and all the great ones are.

See yourself -
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