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From an era of ballers and boarders, Breakbounce Streetwear brings to you the sneakers as classic as your macho dad and as funky as you had it being a kid..!!. So, loose those pigs and get it goin coz it’s gonna be b-boing, ’coz when it comes to trend-spotting, fashion on toes is a must!


Whether you’re heading on an official date (nervous) or being dragged to yet another trip (day-night party) or are asked to a last minute gang-up (right on-toes), your shoes are the best way to sneak-in to all instant-crazy situations. So fellas, get set sneak-in to a package of streetstyle cool vibe with a tinge of colours, prints, trends and style.

Black Leather Sneakers – The trend pendulum is arguably swinging more to the toned-down, tonal side and these leather sneakers call for those who want a bit more than usual. Try them out with almost everything from relaxed joggers to distressed denims.

Get them right here:
Hi-top leather sneakers – With a wink, nudge and healthy dose of its-all-in-good-fun boyish charm - Contrast laces and silver eyelets make these sneakers a perfect option for a spectacular street session. So how ‘bout pairing them with jogger jeans and a funky sweatshirt to add a dash of attitude to your style? (Sounds cool and comfy!)

Get your kicks at:
White funk! – Contemporary yet classic, White sneakers are an all season shout loud. To add a pop of color funk they are designed with contrast blue sole that makes them look cool and stylish. Team them with any of your favorite ensemble and take the magic to the streets.

Grab them right here:
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