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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Dress To Kill The Urban Summer Streets
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Gentlemen, brother Breakbounce need you as a wingman. Tonight! We need you hot to trot and slicker than grease in one hour. Time to hit the wardrobe! Let’s go.

Immortal Denim

Oh… the ’70s are alive and well. Anyone seen Debbie Harry? Denim, denim-on-denim, torn denim, shredded denim, vintage washed denim, denim layered under work wear coats, more denim than a Def Leppard concert, if you don’t have a piece of denim in your wardrobe this season, you’re not gonna’ be dressed to kill. And we want you to be dressed to kill because all wingmen are dressed to kill. Got it? Good!

Get the street gear at:
Deck up in Prints
Dude, it’s a new guy thing! Punchy and poles apart, floral, nautical and tropical patterns have the exact characteristic that your warm-weather wardrobe needs. But don’t get over-excited, take it a little easy and limit your foliage to one piece – solid tee, shirt and a pair of trousers (that’s all ye need). Make it a focal point to your outfit rather than looking like a V&A exhibition gone walkabout.
Get the street gear at:
Bold solids
You don’t need a wardrobe dedicated to “going out” when you have a few pieces of top wear solids kicking around. As a wise man once said… “dress for where you’re heading, not the fact that you’re heading there.” Like it or no, but solids have a major role to play in your not-so-messy wardrobe! So how ‘bout adding a dash of colour to your daily roster and bring out some killin’ bold look on the streets?
Get the street gear at:
No slogan t-shirts, please. Those things should be banished to fashion purgatory. If you show up in an FBI shirt and underneath FBI it says Female Body Inspector, then old brother B is gonna’ disown you. No football shirts, either. That’s just lazy merchandise. No three quarter length trousers or deep cut V-necks, either. Nobody wants to see your mankles. Ugh. Please. (That’s too much!)
Ok now, get geared up and take a look at yourself in the mirror. How’re you feeling? Are you ready for a night in the town? Wait... hold on. Kill that gap year leather bracelet and replace it with a sweet timepiece and a pair of Breakbounce Kicks.
Alright, let's do this thing!
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