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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Shirt Trends And How To Style For A Streetwear Look
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Gentlemen, brother Breakbounce need you as a wingman. Tonight! We need you hot to trot and slicker than grease in one hour. Time to hit the wardrobe. Let’s go.


No slogan t-shirts, please. Those things should be banished to fashion purgatory. If you show up in an FBI shirt and underneath FBI it says Female Body Inspector, then old brother B is gonna’ disown you. No football shirts, either. That’s just lazy merchandise. No three quarter lengths trousers or deep cut V-necks, either. Nobody wants to see your mankles. Ugh. Please.


And deep-cut V-necks, well… they’re only suitable if you’re a cast member of “Jersey Shore.” There’s nothing Lothario about V-necks, men. We need you dressed to impress… part CBGB, part late night loft party. You dig?

Denim Doesn’t Die

Oh… the '70s are alive and well. Anyone seen Debbie Harry? Denim, denim-on-denim, torn denim, shredded denim, vintage washed denim, denim layered under work wear coats, more denim than a Def Leppard concert, if you don’t have a piece of top wear denim in your wardrobe this season, you’re not gonna’ be dressed to kill. And we want you dressed to kill because all wingmen are dressed to kill. Got it? Good!

Denim and vintage inspired washed denims are best classified as minimal smart casual. Yeah, that's a mouthful. You don’t need a wardrobe dedicated to “going out” when you have a few pieces of top wear denim kicking around. As a wise man once said… “dress for where you’re heading, not the fact that you’re heading there.”
Denim shirts, printed shirts, vintage inspired washed denims... these are pieces that all wingmen need. Combine them with a V-neck sweater (the only time a V-neck is acceptable!) and a lightly distressed pair of denim jeans. It's a timeless streetwear look. Casually hip. Urban. Thrown together yet meticulously stylized.

Ok, take a look at yourself in the mirror. How’re you feeling? Are you ready for a night on the town? Wait... hold on. Kill that gap year leather bracelet and replace it with a sweet timepiece.

Alright, let's do this thing!
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