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Breakbounce » Blog » Street Culture » Memoirs Of An Urban Grunger: Everything You Wanted To Know About Underground Subculture But Were Afraid To Ask
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Underground subculture is comprised of many subcultures. It’s like a Russian nesting doll; once you think you’ve seen it all –punks, goths, grungers, ravers, that weird subset of men who have a fascination with My Little Pony – there’s an even stranger subculture buried deeper underground… Tokyo rockabilly, Norwegian black metal, Rubber Dollers – yes, these are grown men who dress up in elaborate rubber body suits that make them look like glamorous women.

And no, we couldn’t make this stuff up!

So what do all of these subcultures have in common? When it comes to music, fashion, and attitude, they all stand apart from the mainstream. Here are 5 things you wanted to know about underground subculture but were afraid to ask.

1. Is it anti-establishment?

Is the sky blue? The underground doesn't believe in the status quo. It doesn't believe in the middle class. It's about testing the extremes, which is another way of saying it pushes individuality to the limit.

2. Is it safe?

That's a matter of opinion. If you're looking at the underground from the vantage point of the mainstream, it looks dangerous. Still, for all their anti-establishment rhetoric, most subcultures are peaceful. Punks might have screamed about Anarchy in the UK, but other than moshing in studded leather jackets, their expressions of civil disobedience were no greater than the All American football hero's... you know, the guy who spends the weekend chugging cheap beer and cow tipping.
3. Is there a secret knock to get into the Underground?

Dude, it's underground. There are no doors. WTH!
4. What if you get stuck underground and can't get out?

Chances are there's a subculture that specializes in that specialization. If there are fight clubs... and millions of people around the world who follow rubber duck racing... and body suspensions (apparently piercing isn't enough), then there's a group that can get you out of the underground.
5. Why would an urban grunger want to write a memoir anyway?

To celebrate James Dean, Jack Kerouac, Thelonius Monk, Aleister Crowley, the greasers, the hippies, poppers, krumpers, street artists, and every other freedom loving individual who rages against conformity.

And you can take that to the streets, my friend!
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