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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » The Aw’15 Collection: Urban Underground Revival
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Where does the past meet the present? Where does the present meet the past? In fashion, gentlemen…that’s where. Our Autumn/Winter ’15 collection is about finding the sweet spot where the cool and strut of times gone by fuses with the here and now.

Breakbounce AW ’15 collection is a celebration of the ‘Urban Underground Revival.’ It’s about resurrecting the past into a modern aesthetic. The Autumn/Winter collection is based on three trend stories, all of which champion the subversive power of the underground, that urban lair which is home to those who seek individuality and freedom of expression.

Listen closely, gentlemen, brother Breakbounce has a few trend stories to tell.


Everything old is new again… and that includes diners, drive-ins, and the type of cool daddy-o clothes James Dean and Jack Kerouac popularized in the 1950s. The ID50’s streetwear series is inspired by the cool strut and swagger of the 50’s. It’s a retro rebranding of vintage patchwork cardigans (think Buddy Holly…or Weezer), crossover “V” neck t-shirts, work-wear jackets and chinos, and anti-fit joggers. The ID50’s series is vintage youth culture revival meets hip-to-be-square hipster. It's West Side Story meets the Bronx.
Urban Faction

Urban Faction takes its cue from the underground, a mad mix of eclectic styles that stands apart from the mainstream. It’s urban, sure, but it’s less 'Straight Outta Compton' and more neighbourhood block party. Urban Faction features sporty constructions and a combination of hi-contrast colours and creative colour blocking. It’s the sort of contemporary gear you’d wear when popping or krumping, yet the clothes also have a revivalist eye on the hip-hop culture of the past. It's Run-DMC with a dash of mobster... The Sugarhill Gang meets Goodfellas.
Rustic Legacy

Perfect for the postmodern hippie, Rustic Legacy is inspired by occult symbols, sacred geometry, and the contemporary countryside. The style is part back-to-the lander; part Aleister Crowley, with a dash of macho farmer meets John Wayne. Old techniques and materials are used to create a fresh, nouveau look. Ritual rock prints and camo prints celebrate ritual narratives, and the organic textures and relaxed fits make Rustic Legacy looks like the love child of Jerry Garcia and Stevie Nicks by way of Burning Man.

The underground is in a renaissance, so get out there and be part of the revival!
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