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Breakbounce » Blog » Music » The Gentleman’s Guide To Becoming A World-class Dj.
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According to superstar EDM producer Deadmau5, “DJing takes two days to learn, as long as you can count to four.”
While anyone can spin – ahem, Paris Hilton – becoming a world class DJ takes skill, devotion, and vision. Counting to four is only the beginning. If you dream of manning the turntables at a club in Ibiza, or at least throwing a warehouse style rave at your cousin’s bachelor party, you need to practice and have some seriously monastic discipline. Here’s a cheat sheet for getting from point A to point B in your DJ’ing career.
1. Take a class or enroll in a program. The turntable is an instrument, and you need the skills to combine feverish scratching and beat juggling. Believe it or not, gentlemen, there’s actually a place called Scratch DJ Academy, in New York City. There are similar places to learn the art of turntablism around the world.
2. Keep up with current musical trends. If you want those homies to take you seriously as a DJ, you need to know what’s going on in the EDM scene. This will help you keep ahead of the game when it comes to fresh sounds and new perspectives. Network. Listen to your peers. And then do something completely frickin’ original.

3. Invest in good equipment. Good DJ gear isn’t cheap, but a deck and mixer is essential to forwarding your career. You don’t want to be out in front of a crowd with an archaic laptop, a wind up victrola, and a cheap Casio keyboard you bought at a yard sale, unless of course you’re going for some type of Victorian retro sound, which is always possible. NOT.
4. Play everywhere, and play often. Nobody wants to DJ an empty club, and fewer DJs want to set up their decks at a wedding and watch as 100 drunken guests dance to ABBA before forming a Congo line. Yeah, we’re serious. But listen… you have to start somewhere. Don’t let pride get in the way of exposure
5. Find your voice. Face it: EDM is criticised time and time again for being repetitive, monochromatic, and boring. You need to make it new. If you want to be a world class DJ, you need to find a unique sound that's all your own.

Nobody wants to hear the same four-on-the-floor beats. Just ask Deadmau5. Now, vamoose & start plotting world domination!
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