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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » It’s Tee Time (and We Aren’t Talking About Golf)
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Who-haa! It’s summertime and the living is easy. And that means it’s tee time. T-shirts and summer go together like, well, gin and tonic, hamburgers and hotdogs — okay yeah, you get the drift, man. All sorts of trends are, err, trending this summer.


Take…for example, statement stripes. They’re a mainstay for both the casual and formal sides of a summer wardrobe. Denim is hot, hot, hotter than global warming. Washed tees in bright colors and nautical inspired tees are all the rage in SS15. And men…you don’t even need to own a boat to rock the nautical look. This year, fabrics are light and breathable, and colours are easy on the eyes… just like that hottie you’ve been eyeballing at the club for the past hour. Snap! This season is all about the street cool fit.

What else is trending you ask? Greens and blues never go out of style. Pastels are popping. Vintage dyes and color blasted wash effects radiate hip, street wise cool….. like a handlebar moustache…and, gulp, a “Mezcal and Mayhem” – that’s Mezcal with Campari and a Belgian tripel-style beer combo for those of you who haven’t been initiated into our cult yet. . Nothing looks better than a vintage dyed t-shirt paired with classic chino short and a pair of camel brown desert boots. That urban chic, gentlemen. Trust brother Breakbounce on this. Two Mayhems, please.
So, what are we breaking and bouncing this summer, other than hearts and clubs? Hey, we got tees, bro. Isn’t that awesome enough already? We got Henleys and V-necks, full sleeves and short, light jerseys and slub jerseys. We got wide crews and tees with vintage wash and inside out cold pigment dye – which, gentlemen, is just a fancy way of saying we got mad style and pay attention to detail. Because we live to redefine fashion statements!

Why do us men love tees? Because those babies are versatile. Because those hotties don’t need to be ironed. Naa.. uhh. Because in a pinch you can grab a dirty tee off the floor and look cooler than James Dean. Of course we don’t condone wearing dirty clothes but men are, well, men.
So why do men dig tees? Let us count the ways.

You can wear them with chino pants and a bomber jacket for a Mad Max roadster look, or you can wear them with skinny jeans like Iggy-freaking-Pop. You can wear them with floral shorts and a Cubano straw hat like Panama Jack. All you gotta’ do is mix. Match. And sample. A good summer wardrobe is like a DJ set.

Take that to the streets, yo!
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