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If the clothes make the man, then a man’s kicks are the single most important item in his wardrobe. There was a time when sneakers were considered a heinous fashion crime, a felony on par with plaid flannel shirts (sorry, Seattle), levered sunglasses, and suit jackets with shorts. Today, the type of kicks you have say more about your character than any other piece of clothing or accessory for that matter.
Breakbounce’s kicks emphasize its design philosophy: “We are not one thing, we are many.” It’s not every day that we yell out sneakers and canvas in the same breath. Now that we are, allow us to tell you that these shoes embrace individuality and the global high fashion of rugged streets. It’s spring, it’s summer… it’s trending. Not rocket science, eh! Check it….

Low-Lying Casuals

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homie from the hood in the Bronx or an Italian stallion from the streets of Milan, every dude needs a pair of low lying casual shoes in his wardrobe. Breakbounce’s round-toed, brown/green kicks with central lace-ups and thick midsole are perfect for any occasion, from the streets to the clubs.
The Canvas Camo Kick

Breakbounce’s round toed, camouflage kicks are vibrant, ultra-casual, and totally street. They're the kind of urban footwear Tony Hawk dreams about when he’s doing McTwists in his sleep. And that reinforced heel cap comes in handy when you're popping ollies at the skate park. Boom!
Nautical Kicks or Urban Boat Shoe

Think of Breakbounce’s white, round toed, casual kicks with green and blue accents as an urban boat shoe. These kicks scream yachts, Nantucket and the Cote d’Azur…without all the bling and snootiness that goes with, well, yachts, Nantucket and the Cote d’Azur. Dig it!
High Tops

Breakbounce’s round-toed, casual shoes with high top styling and central lace-ups are the perfect footwear for scouting expeditions, safaris, and other miscellaneous, all terrain adventures. Then again, you can just wear them to scout out the local basketball court because these kicks have a sporty urban edge.

Boots and Brogues

Breakbounce wouldn't be the king of global high street fashion without a stellar selection of boots and brogues. Styles feature a range of leather overlay, suede finish, stitched detail, stacked heel, and enough savvy and swagger to last a lifetime…or at least until next season. Huaaa!

Getting your kicks just took on a whole new meaning!
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