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Breakbounce » Blog » Generic » Johnny Bravo Or Johnny Quest: Who Would You Want To Be?
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Pop culture is stacked like a bunch of Marshal amps, with age-old debates. These arguments keep hipsters with handlebar mustaches up so long they connect to their suspenders awake at night. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, Coke or Pepsi, Apple or Samsung – these are life’s great questions, mysteries that can only be debated and unlocked when you and your homies are engaged in a late-night GTA bender.


Sooner or later, however, things get even deeper, and one of the guys gets nostalgic like a character in Stand By Me, and asks, “Seriously dudes, who would you rather be…Johnny Bravo or Johnny Quest?”


Now, before we go any further, both of these animated icons have meritable traits, so don’t think we’re propagating stereotypes here – the world, gentlemen, has too many haters already. Johnny Bravo and Johnny Quest are simply two sides of the same man-coin (yeah, ok, that’s not really a thing; we just made it up).


Johnny Bravo


Johnny Bravo is the classic dimwitted muscular beefcake. His middle name is rumored to be “Bacon,” which more or less solidifies his status as a man’s man. This guy is watching football and crushing beer cans on his head – yeah, you know who you are.


Bravo is the dude at the gym who likes to Hulk out with his bulk out


He’s kinda’ like that supersized star quarterback in high school, although the supersized high school quarterback got the girls – especially the cheerleaders who always seemed to wear short skirts even when they weren’t cheering – while Johnny Bravo has some serious trouble scoring with the ladies.

Johnny Quest

Johnny Quest is the more sensitive, cerebral man. Quest likes judo and scuba diving, so even though he’s athletic, he’s probably not a gym rat, nor does he use his head as a beer can opener.

He’s the type of dude who watches Game of Thrones and goes to Comic-Con – yeah, you should kinda stop staring at yourself in the mirror now. We know you!

Favorite music: EDM. But he has a penchant for his father’s Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" album.

Johnny Bravo and Johnny Quest are two sides of the same man-coin, but what if the coin was three-dimensional?

That’s where Johnny Mnemonic comes in! Cheers.
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