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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Dressing Up For Summer: Everything You Need To Know About “mix-n-match” Looks
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What type of summer threads do you have in your wardrobe? Go, right now…take a look. Seriously. We’ll wait. So what did you find? We’re gonna’ go out on a limb here and say most of what you found is as outdated as an Atari 2600, if not as extinct as the Velociraptor. Hey, we’re men. We forget to shop. Most of us upgrade our smartphones and gaming systems, but we forget about our wardrobes. No worries. Brother Breakbounce is here to drop the 411 on it.


Distressed Denims


Until recently, aside from jeans, denim had no place in your wardrobe. It was passé – a ‘70s and ‘80s style that had no business in the modern world. However, designers are taking the hard wearing fabric and redefining it. From 1990s distressed denims to light and dark washes, denim is in. Denim shirts make the perfect layering piece. And don’t be afraid to rock some denim-on-denim. Check it!


Geometric and micro-printed shirts are all the rage this Spring/Summer. Why? Because summer is a time to loosen up and fly the freak flag a little higher. Winter is a serious, Puritan-like season, full of browns, blacks, and somber tones. But summer…well, summer is about quirkiness and idiosyncrasy. And nothing says quirkiness and idiosyncrasy like print-on-print. However, there's a method to the madness, so be sure to mix and match accordingly. Too much print and you'll look like some type of Op art experiment.
Florals and Bold Prints

What? Florals. But florals are girly. No, what’s girly is complaining about how girly florals are. Every contemporary man needs a piece or two of floral in his wardrobe. The key, however, is finding a floral motif that fits your personal style. Do you want to stand out or blend in? Do you want floral inspired by the African landscape or a more bohemian look. A statement floral piece goes perfectly with chinos and sandals, and the look is suitable for a beach party or a night at the club. You can even reverse the look. A pair of floral shorts goes well with a washed tee.

Incorporate these trends into your summer wardrobe and you'll have enough fashion mojo to... well, you (fill in the blank).
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