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Breakbounce » Blog » Graffiti » Survival Tips From A Graffiti Artist! How Life In The Streets Really Changes You.
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So you want be a graffiti artist. Hey, it’s illegal (in most places around the world, at least) and if you get caught tagging, you might end up with a night in jail or a hefty fine. But we like career choices that are outside the box, so have at it.


What’s the first survival tip. Do you remember the film Fight Club? Do your remember when Brat Pitt says, “The first rule of fight club is…there is no fight club?” That’s pretty much your M.O when it comes to street art. Here are 7 more survival tips for life on the streets:


1. You need a cool name. Whether your name is John, Paul or Ringo, you need something catchier. Besides, you need to keep you’re real identity a secret. Your street name is your trademark. It’s your logo. It’s the key to the street art kingdom. Think those dudes in Brazil are really named Os Gemeos? Come on!


2.You need a tag. You can’t just walk out of your apartment with a can of spray paint and start doodling your name on the side of a public building. A tag is the most basic writing of an artist’s name. It’s a personalized signature. A tag is often called a handstyle.


3. Get some good running shoes. We’re not kidding. You may want to look all Brooklyn hipster, but man, if the red and blue lights start flashing you need to be able to run, leap fences, scale fire escapes, and basically parkour across town.

4. Do not create a blog. Do not post your work on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. You’ll get busted faster than you can say Banksy… Do not tell anyone where you’re going under the cover of darkness at three in the morning.
5. In the beginning, it’s better to work alone. Why? Because somebody is going to squeak. Somebody is going to post something somewhere. Cue... the first rule of Fight Club.

6. Take an art class or two. Street art isn’t easy, and it’s very competitive. Hone your style and have something to say before you say it.

7. Book a flight to Bristol, England because almost every street artist gets his start there. Seriously.

The first rule of being a graffiti artist is…you’re not a graffiti artist. You’re welcome!
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