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Breakbounce » Blog » Travel and Places » Our List Of The Hottest Parties To Drop Your Moves At This Holiday Season. Let’s Get The Party Started!
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Holiday office parties can be fun, but let’s face it, they’re not what they used to be. The days of the “Mad Men” style party are long gone. And how many years do you have to see John from accounting Xerox a picture of his…well, you know, or Paul from programming try to do the worm after one too many lagers. Ugh!


Why not drop your moves at a different kind of party this holiday season, something, say, a little more global? Here are 5 parties around the world to attend this Christmas and New Years Eve.


Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is the land of fire and ice. It’s also one of the best nightlife destinations in the world. You may have heard of a little pixie named Bjork, or perhaps the band Sigur Ros? New Years Eve in Reykjavik starts with a festive dinner and a bonfire, and then at just a few minutes before midnight, some 200,000 revelers gather to watch some amazing fireworks. All you have to do is ‘look up’ when the city skyline is ablaze with 500 tons of firepower. The clubs and bars are open until 5 a.m. But the real parrrrtaaayy goes down at the city square. Yes, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a fairy or troll or one of the other hidden creatures that Iceland is famous for.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So, maybe you like the holidays but aren’t a fan of winter weather? If that’s the case, pops, pack your bags for Rio. Every year, 2 million party-goers descend on Copacabana Beach to ring in the New Year at an event called the “Revellion.” There’s live music and entertainment and more beautiful people that you can imagine. Hubba... hubba!
London, England

Is that London calling? Partying in London on New Years Eve can cost a few bucks as most events are ticketed, but it’s totally worth it. World-class DJs spin records at venues from one side of town to the other, and clubs often employ celebrity guests to welcome the New Year. You’re in for some good dope if you head out to either Pacha - the shamelessly glamorous antidote to London's gritty clubs, or Fabric - for the most sensational names in breakbeat, drum 'n' bass, indie and electro, or KOKO - the oh-so-loved scuzzy rock club that matches the rock stars who grace the stage.
Times Square, New York

Watching the ball drop in New York on New Years Eve is something that everyone should have on their bucket list. It’s been a tradition since 1906. While Times Square has become Disney-fied over the years, New York is still a helluva town to ring in the New Year. New York is the city that never sleeps, so you better have some stamina if you’re going to “party like it’s 1999” in the Big Apple. As the evening progresses, revelers continue to fill the Times Square neighborhood along Broadway and Seventh Avenue moving uptown from 43rd Street to as far as Central Park. Your chance of getting a viewing spot near the Ball increases the earlier you arrive, so plan this out in advance, homie. And hey, let’s not forget one of the most exciting parts of New Year’s in Times Square— the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performances!

Alrighty, start practicing those moves! And don’t forget to take a cab home.
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