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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » The Breakbounce Design: Fit, Comfortability, And Style (that’s What We’re Talking About!)
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So, lads, when you wakey wakey in the morning, or maybe it’s more like late afternoon assuming you’ve had an epic night out in town (holla!), you probably don’t think about the construction of the garments when you throw them on yourself. What man does, really? Clothes are clothes, right? Just FYI, homies: Breakbounce’s signature design scream Dutch Craftsmanship and European street style inspirations. What does that mean? Well, it’s all about the fit, comfort, and a style (not the bass or the treble). We’ll break it down for ya.


Here are three 2014 Autumn/Winter garments that epitomize Breakbounce’s philosophy when it comes to construction and design.




Aviator clothing will never go out of style, and neither will biker fashion. But what happens when you combine the two? The RITMO is Breakbounce’s aviator inspired biker jacket. Because you never know if you’re going to be cruising the skies like Top Gun or cruising down the highway like Easy Rider. This bad boy is all about the styling. It features a zipper opening and front huge patch panels holding pocket, a rib at the hem and cuff for that vintage bomber jacket appeal, deep pleats at the back armhole for easy movements, and a detachable collar tab for fastening. Damn! In other words, Maverick gets jealous just looking at it.



This is a modern rebranding of a classic biker pant. It's more a crotch-rocket riding Yakuza gangster type thing than what a Son of Anarchy would wear. The focus is on fit and styling; it's designed with panneling and construction for perfect body type shaping, and the kneecap features a cut and sown construction for ease and fullness. There's also a quilting like effect on the thigh area for the look and feel of biker performance gear. Oh yeah, did we mention that it looks freakin' cool, too?

Biker pants need to be worn with a biker jacket, and that’s where the Thruxton comes in. Design highlights include a front zipper opening for easy access to pockets, padding for extra confidence and style, and multiple pleats for flexibility. Really, it's rebel wear that emphasizes style and performance. Biker jackets are tricky because there's a fine line between James Dean and a Hell's Angel. Breakbounce understands that line.
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