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Breakbounce » Blog » Music » Our Cheat Sheet Of The Greatest Dubstep Artists In The Eastern Hemisphere. Check It!
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Compiling a list of the greatest dubstep artists in the eastern hemisphere is a tall order. There are so many Djs and producers who are wrecking havoc today with heavy bass lines, tweaking melodies, and dubbed-out anthems that no list is ever going to be complete; some bass-head somewhere is going to want the “who’s who” of the last few years instead of some throwback pioneer. Hey man, you can’t make everyone happy.


These 6 artists innovated, took risks, and established something fresh that helped the genre evolve.

1. Flux Pavilion is known for his dubbed out anthems. He pioneered a new age of melodic dubstep, leading to many of today’s current EDM trends. Gems like “Cracks” and “Golddust” are stellar, but if you’re looking for drops, drop “Bass Canon.”
2. Skream & Benga. Without these two British electronic producers dubstep would never have made its way out of the South London underground. Their futuristic, wobbly tunes drew a diverse audience, and whether producing together or working solo, their status in the genre is legendary.

3. Liquid Stranger, otherwise known as Martin Staaf, is a Swedish-born electronic musician known for his experimental approach to composition. The weblog "Generation Bass," which bills itself as a “platform for cool music from wherever,” describes Liquid Stranger as “the epitome of Transnational Dubstub covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European, and Jamaican dancehall dubs.”
4. Digital Mystikz is a pillar in the world of dubstep. The duo comprised of Mala and Coki create a simple and entrancing sound. It’s a synthesis of dub and reggae with electronica, and it has proven to be a game changer in the genre.

5. Knife Party has been dropping beats since 2002. The Aussie duo consists of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen - two members of the drum and bass act ‘Pendulum’. Knife Party’s debut EP “100% No More Talking” was released as a free download in 2011, and had over 50,000 downloads within 12 hours. Today, Knife Party is a headliner at EDM festivals around the world.
6. Goth-Trad (Takeaki Maruyama) is the mastermind of an underground music night in Shibuya, Tokyo. It’s called “Back to Chill,” so if you find yourself in Japan, now you know where to go. Goth-Trad has been making beats since 2006. He has produced four jaw-dropping LPs thus far!

So, go forth and turn it up, hommies!
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