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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » The Urban Tribes -our New Brotherhood
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Breakbounce isn’t just about fashion. It’s about fashion inspired by the human spirit and the urban lifestyle. The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection riffs on the concept of the ‘Urban Tribe’ and features three trend styles – industrial, tribal, and tech-d-effect. But hang on a second, lads. Let’s rewind and take a closer look at the ‘Urban Tribe’ philosophy. We know the clothes make the man, but so do personal lifestyle choices. When we say urban tribe, this is what’s crackin.’
Who the he** is Michel Maffesoli? The dude is a French sociologist who coined the term “urban tribe” back in 1988. According to Maffesoli, urban tribes are small, fluid groups of city people who have similar dispositions and common interests. For the most part, these shared common interests and belief systems are different from the interests of mainstream culture. It’s a collective hive mind, if you will. We hang and bond with people who have similar dispositions.
So how does that translate into fashion? Simple.
Breakbounce celebrates a philosophy based on individualism, discovery, positivity, and expression. To put it another way, it’s streetwear that synthesizes the lifestyle of the urban tribe. And there are a lot of tribes out there. From London to Bangalore to NYC, there are subcultures within subcultures. Need examples? Here we are:
Bikers: Doesn’t matter if you’re a Harley man doin’ the ‘Easy Rider’ thing or streaking through the neon soaked streets of Tokyo on a Ducati 999, the biker brotherhood has been tearing up the landscape for EVER.
Musicians: If you know how to rock, your tribe knows how to roll. Doesn’t matter if you’re twiddling knobs into a four-on-the floor beat or plugging in a Fender guitar.
Artists: Graffiti artists, abstract painters, sculptors, filmmakers – man, this is one large tribe. So what do they all have in common? Well the ARTS, of course. We call ‘em CHOPS, but whatever floats your boat!
Urban Athletes: This is the X-Games crowd. Skaters and BMXers, thrashers and daredevils. And let’s not forget those parkour geniuses who turn the urban landscape into their personal playground?
Dancers/Performance Art: Krumping. Doing the breakdance electric boogaloo like it’s 1982 – this tribe is about the human body as personal expression. And those ‘living statue’ performance artists really test the boundaries of their bodies. Can you imagine standing completely still, in costume, not blinking or even appearing to breathe for hours? Yeah, didn’t think so.
Right then. What tribe do you belong to?

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