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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Hostile Faction Straight Ahead – Camo Up Soldier
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Attention, style soldiers! Camo is back. And we’re not talking Sylvester Stallone in “‘Rambo,” either. We’re talking about fresh Autumn/Winter looks. But here’s the thing about camo (and you better listen up cuz getting a date these days depends on it): a little camouflage goes a LONG way. There’s a fine line between looking like you belong in the urban jungle, and looking like you’re taking style tips from “George of the Jungle.”


This thing never really goes out of style. It just goes into hiding for a few years; hey, it’s camo after all, dawgs! While camo is a major fashion trend this Autumn/Winter, it’s the new, different versions of camouflage that are making a stand, that are fighting the good fight, that are…ok, ok, you know what we’re sayin’. Digital camouflage, organic camo, technical camo, the traditional camouflage prints are finally giving way to more streatwear savvy looks. Breakbounce introduced camouflage joggers this Autumn/Winter.


Camo shoes, hi-tops in particular, once thought to be a fashion minefield, are raging down the runways. Still, if you want to avoid looking like G.I. Joe or Chris Martin from Coldplay (dude, those Sergeant Pepper badges and epaulets gotta’ go), then here’s a guide to nailing the camo look.


1. Less camo is more camo. Whatever you do, don’t go full regalia. Or would that be "Full Metal Jacket?" Pick a statement piece, and then create your look around that piece. Workwear and utility wear mixes and matches well with camo.

2. Maybe it’s going to take you some time to work up to a full-frontal camo attack. That’s fine. Start with a small piece of camo and work it into your outfit. Camo panel Oxford sportshirts work well. Think of them as if they’re an old school mullet haircut: business in the front, and party in the back.

3. Camouflage that has a vintage and organic look is easier to mix and match than camo that is bright and polished. First, you don’t want to look like a fashion newbie at basic training. Second, if the camo is too bright, chances are it’s going to clash with some other element of your look.

4. And don’t forget what we said about Chris Martin and Coldplay. Steer clear of military jackets with badges and epaulets. There’s nothing "Viva la Vida" about it. Go ahead. Camo up, Soldier!
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