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Breakbounce » Blog » Games » A Tribute To ’80s Video Games Why Vintage Rules
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Everything old is one day new again. That’s how the space-time continuum works, gentlemen. It’s a never ending loop. Wait long enough and the wardrobe you rocked in the ‘90s will be the NEXT BIG THING. Need proof? Nashville rock god Jack White, former guitarist of the White Stripes, just sold 40,000 vinyl copies of his new LP, “Lazaretto,” smashing a 20-year record held by Pearl Jam. This might be the iTunes era, but the vinyl revival is in full swing. According to Spin Magazine, vinyl sales are up to 6 million from 4.6 million a year ago. Bloody hell! This got us thinking: if vinyl can make a comeback, what about vintage video games? Sure. The graphics might look like LEGO blocks, but these 5 classic games still matter.

1. Doom, 1993

Doom isn’t a vintage ’80s video game, but it’s over 20 years old and that makes the sci-fi horror themed game a classic. Doom is credited with ushering in the age of the first person shooter video game, inspiring clones like System Shock and Rise of the Triad.

2. Gauntlet, 1985

Gauntlet took the arcade by storm in 1985, as dudes with Flock of Seagulls haircuts lined up at the mall to play one of the game’s fantasy-themed characters. The simple, hack and slash game is not only considered one of the first multiplayer platforms, but also one of the first to include classes and loot. Gauntlet’s formula fueled games like Diablo.

3. Tetris, 1984

Designed by Alexey Pajitnov, this Soviet tile-matching game is the grand-daddy of all puzzle games. Do you think Candy Crush would exist without Tetris having paved the way? Hell, no! At one time or another, this addictive, mind-stretcher has been available on every video game console and computer operating system.

4. Pac-Man, 1980

While Pong is credited with being the first video game ever invented, Pac-Man started the gaming revolution. Gameplay is deceptively simple but as addictive as any high-tech PlayStation or Xbox offering. Not to mention the fact that the dude is a freakin’ icon.

5. Super Mario Bros, 1985

There have been a zillion variations of the classic Nintendo game, but none hold a candle to the original. It was recently reported in Nintendo News that after nearly 30 years following its release, a new 1-up trick for infinite lives has been discovered. Talk about an Easter Egg.

Now! Dust off that joystick and go vintage. BANG!

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