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Breakbounce » Blog » Gadgets » Why Drones Would Be Great For Delivering Street Wear
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There’s something gnarly about an unmanned vehicle sweeping down and dropping off your latest street wear purchase. No offense to the Post Office, Blue Dart or FedEx, but having the latest threads delivered by a drone is some sort of James Bond-ish, Star Wars-ian dream come true.

But hey, man. Drones come with baggage. They probably make you think of lasers and missiles and hi-tech warfare. But let’s de-mystify the contraption, shall we?

Here are 6 reasons why drones are the next frontier of apparel shopping.

1. First: The Industrial Revolution changed the world. Then: The Internet changed everything that the Industrial Revolution had changed. Drone delivery would be the next big technological shift. We’re talking about a future like in the Jetsons, with jetpacks and robots and hover-boards. That’s a Brave New World of awesomeness, my friends. Hallelujah!

2. It’s safe to say that when you order street wear and request drone delivery, the street wear is going to arrive wherever you are, a lot quicker than if it was being delivered by ground mail. You think a rush-hour traffic jam or some road construction stuff is going to affect drone delivery? Hell naaaww!

3. Two words: Customer satisfaction. Not only are you going to be satisfied when your new pair of shorts arrive just hours after ordering it, but think of the satisfaction you’re going to have when you actually watch a drone descend like a UFO on your front yard to drop off said pair of shorts. Neighbours are going to be running out of their houses to watch. Screaming like retards. Man, you’re going to be one popular dude. *ooohhh… mama*

4. When you order something sweet for that lady friend of yours, we’re thinking drone delivery is gonna’ impress her. It’s definitely a bold statement. And chivalrous. Ok, maybe not chivalrous but still so trippin’ cool!!
5. It will give you the chance to say, “ It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a drone delivering my street wear.” Superman’s got nothing on you.

6. If for whatever reason the street wear you ordered doesn’t fit properly, at least it will be fun to return it. Make that drone work…. with *ahem* whips and chains.

That’s it! Take 2 the streets, and keep your eyes peeled on the sky!

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