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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Holla’ Spring! Beautiful Weather & Gorgeous Babes.let’s Breakbounce
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If there’s a season that best represents individualism and quirky statements, well, muchachos, that season is Spring. With more colors than an Os Gemeos mural, Spring is the time you start mixing and matching your wardrobe with lighter and more vibrant shades.
You know: “express yourself, don’t repress yourself,” as Madge once said. It’s not just your wardrobe that comes out of hibernation in the Spring, but your swagger too. Time to impress all those sweet, little muchachas hangin’ round the college quad. So without further ado, let’s get the hell out & Breakbounce.

Breakbounce T-Shirt Styles
If you’re anything like us, then all winter your coolest t-shirts were buried under a layer of Oxford brocades and rangy wool sweaters, a vintage Pea Coat and Icelandic scarf so warm you wondered if the thing had some kind of built-in thermostat. Well, those days are over. It’s time to let the t-shirt do the talking.
What’s hot? How about stretched out necklines, droopy necklines, scoop necks, V-necks, and Henley’s. Bolder neck shapes are raging this Spring, so you better get comfortable with the idea of flaunting some collarbone. Breakbounce styles include chocolan, dullstroom, loxton, and ballito. Check ‘em out! From striped tees in sporty colors to vintage printed stripes, the keyword this Spring is… wait for it, fellas… STRIPES. Yep. You can mix and match these tees with anything: distressed skinny jeans with blown out knees, chinos, nautical shorts, board shorts. Hell, we don’t care. Just look good for those gorgeous babes, right?

Color Blocked T-Shirts
Whether vertical or horizontal, colour blocked t-shirts are relaxed and casual. What’s the colour blocked look, you ask? It’s a tech-meets-pop-meets-preppy kinda’ thing. Say what? It’s uber-casual, but not louche (Google, here we come!); part plastic cup keg party, part Harvard/Yale football game. Is this making any sense? LOL. Color Blocked t-shirts come in all sorts of varieties. Check it.
• Thabong: horizontal color blocked tee with contrast color pocket
• Akasia: color blocked raglan sleeve tee
• Daveylon: color blocked v- neck tee
• Balfour: ombre dyed color blocked polo t-shirt in single jersey
• Benoni: full sleeve color blocked Henley tee with contrast patch pocket detail
• Regular: full sleeve color blocked Henley tee

Alright alright alright. That’s the 411 on spring fashion. Keep on livin’. And don’t be afraid to Bounce every once and a while, yeah? GO!

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