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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » What’s Cooking At The Breakbounce Foundry This Fabulous February
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April is the cruelest month!!!!
Say what? Who said that?
Certainly not Breakbounce because we know that if you’re trying to make the street your runway, dressing for that limbo-land between winter and spring can be ONE CRUEL DRAG. You wanna’ get up, get out, and get a move on, right, but what are you gonna’ wear when the weather flip-flops faster than your girlfriend’s mood swing? Wait…don’t panic, we have a solution for you – Err no, not for your girlfriend’s mood swings, bro – and it’s called “mild layering.”
We know raw. We know discovery. We know you. What does that mean? Long story short, we know it’s the perfect time to club your coolest Henley with your favourite pair of jeans, light woolen cardigan, scarf, and a smart jacket. Let’s break that wardrobe down now.
Kreel Full Sleeve Henley
This bad boy abounds with European nuances. Take the colour, for instance: Baltic Blue Kreel. It’s a head turner, and for ALL the right reasons. Wear the Kreel Full Sleeve with denims or plimsolls for a chill, casual look. Leave the placket unbuttoned and you’ve got yourself just the right amount of *Nirvana* grunge. OH YYEAAAHH!! Teen spirit, baby!!
Regula Raglan Full Sleeve Henley
Think Ruby. Think Chelsea. Aw, heck, just think sports! The Raglan Full Sleeve is what you get when you combine prep school and just a wee bit of jock. The slub knit body of the Henley is one colour, while the sleeves are a different colour (maroon and grey or teal blue and charcoal), creating a sort of reversed alligator shirt (yeah, we lost ourselves on that one!). Casual, relaxed, we know you like to walk into the pub like you own the place; but if this T-shirt had legs and liked to drink, IT would own the place. Damn straight!
Henley with Elbow Patch
Ok, so when you envision elbow patches you think of musty professors in old tweed sports coats. This is the wrong vision, bro. Elbow patches are urban and trendy, more rock & roll than Ivy League. Style this Henley with denim and leather accessories and when you envision elbow patches, you’ll never think about professors again. Promise!
Perk Regular Full Sleeve Henley
How did this Henley get its name? Lets just say that while you are sure to look casual and dapper in the blue, long sleeve T-shirt, all the ladies around you will be feeling…you guessed it: perky. Auuu… aauuuooooo! *wolf howls*
Heads Up: The key to looking street is to appear like you’re not trying too hard. Be real. Be cool. Be yourself. That’s a trifecta to live by. Peace!

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