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Breakbounce » Blog » Bro-code » The Art Of Hustle From ‘breaking Bad’ Street Boy, Jesse Pinkman!
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All “bad” things must come to an end. *Sigh*.

On September 29, 2013 – Walter White, everyone’s favorite chemistry teacher turned meth-making Scarface, met his maker in a shoot-out at a desert meth lab run by a group of hillbilly Nazis. At the end of the “Felina” episode (notice the clever anagram: “FINALE”), Badfinger’s song “Baby Blue” plays and Walter White, dying from a gunshot wound, caresses the tools of his drug empire one last time – the dude is like Gollum seduced and corrupted by the Dark Lord Sauron’s One Ring, only blue meth is Walt’s “precious.”

But wait! Jump cut. There’s Jesse Pinkman, Walt’s one time partner and right-hand man, escaping from Nazi imprisonment, breaking FREE, sticking the pedal to the metal and crashing through the gates of the meth compound, barreling down the highway. To borrow a trope from the horror genre: Pinkman is the final girl (the final dude, in this case), the last person standing after all the horror and bloodshed.

Breakbounce wants to celebrate Pinkman’s escape. We know the dude epitomizes ’street’. If there’s anyone out there who wants to learn the skillful art of hustling around the corners – Jesse’s your Obi-wan Kanobe! Be it the talk, walk or his swag – Pinkman’s got it nailed down to the ’T’. Here’s how.

1. Heck, Pinkman’s got the dopest street wear. Whether he’s rocking the black leather jacket, solid tank, denim and sneakers look, or he’s wearing an oversized hoodie and graphic tee, the guy looks as casual and bad*ss as it gets. In the wardrobe department, Pinkman is all hustle.

2. Let’s take a moment to reflect on Pinkman’s love of language. Yeah, we all know what his favorite word is. Remember these classic lines? A) “Yo, Gatorade me b*tch.”
B) “Yeah, b*tch. Magnets!”
C) “Cause it ain’t yours. It’s ours. Plural b*tch.”

3. Pinkman loves his video games. In the Breaking Bad episode “Problem Dog,” from Season 4, Pinkman is seen playing a first person shooter game in the opening scene. But here’s the kicker, man. The game is called “Rage,” and at the time the episode aired the Bethesda Softworks game hadn’t been released yet. That means our man Pinkman has some serious connections. Boom!

4. Quick Stat: Vince Gilligan originally intended for Pinkman to die at the end of the first season. You gotta’ love the irony that he outlived everyone. Cheers, Pinkman! You’re Breakbounce’s poster boy ;-)

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