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Breakbounce » Blog » Street Art » Urban Legends! What We Did Not Know About These Artists
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Street artists and urban legends go together like aerosol cans and public walls. Pfffssstt…. ffffssstppttt! Ok, maybe not. From Banksy and Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to Chor Boogie and Binho, we got the little-known facts on all your favorite gods of the street.




Is Banksy’s real name Robin Gunningham, or not? The artist’s agent will neither confirm nor deny the rumour. What we do know: Banksy doesn’t sell any of his artwork via commercial art galleries, and this has led to all sorts of criminal hooliganism; from fans stealing his work out of the sides of buildings with a hammer and crowbar to art auctioneers attempting to sell the stolen loot on sites like eBay, to building owners hiring guards to protect the murals Bansky has stenciled from marauding art thieves — the dude from Bristol (maybe?) is a firebrand of urban legends. Umm, we’re pretty sure Al Pacino would have done a full blown “Huuuaaaa!!” hearing this.


**Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada**


Similar to the Pyramids or Great Wall of China, it is said you can see Jorge-Rodriguez-Gerada’s Terrestrial “land art” series from space (or at least Google Earth). You can also see Beyonce’s boombah, but hey, nobody talks about that! Anyway… being that the Cuban-American artist used 30,000 pegs, 2,000 tons of soil, and 20,000 tons of sand to create the largest land art portrait ever made in the UK, the next time George Clooney and Sandra Bullock get their “Gravity” on, we’ll have to ask them if they can actually see the 11-acre piece of art.


**Chor Boogie**


We were still using crayons at age ten. But that’s how old San Francisco spray paint artist Chor Boogie was when he first picked up a can of aerosol. Folks, Homer Simpson has met his match! Here’s a little known fact: Chor Boogie’s work is often described as Color Therapy for the Soul. While painting “The Color Therapy of Perception,” a 100-foot mural commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, Chor was stabbed by a group of thieves. *Ouch!* You can knock a street artist down, but damn, you can’t knock him out. Since his recovery, Chor has been boogie-ing more than ever. *Hooray moment?* The dude painted a room at the famous Hotel des Arts in San Francisco, and he has been a strong support of social media as a tool to promote art.




An old school pioneer of South American street art, Binho has been painting since 1984. A B-boy and skater, graffiti was a natural artistic progression. Binho hung with the likes of Speto and Os Gemeos in his early years, and he has a fondness for 3D style letters and stylized animals. How cute! Hip-hop turtles, coy carp, rhinos, these ultra-styled animals blend Brazilian culture and the Far East. Binho organizes many street art events, and he curates the biennial Graffiti Fine Art exhibition at the Brazilian National Art Gallery. Awww, isn’t that awesome!?


Anywho, that’s what our street art legends are up to. What’s your tag? Whatever — thou maketh it legendary!

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