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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » The Best Dressed Bloke In The Room! Period. It’s Street November.
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Dude, you know what’s not cool? Dressing to travel in a pair of sweatpants. Don’t laugh, because it’s an epidemic – a fashion apocalypse. For every dapper, hipper-than-thou world traveler Breakbounce has seen on the red eye from New York to London, check it, there’s some sad sack wearing his alma mater sweats like he’s lounging at home in front of the TV. Have you no shame, brother? Don’t you realize that as you’re being manhandled by a 200-pound TSA agent the girl of your dreams could walk by? Domestic or international, you’re getting out of dodge, so let’s get behind the seams and make a good impression.


Listen, where you’re traveling makes all the difference when choosing a wardrobe. You’re not gonna’ wear a Hawaiian shirt to Reykjavik, Iceland in the middle of winter, nor are you gonna’ wear a sheep’s wool sweater to South Beach. Those are extremes, sure. But! You do wanna’ be ready for everything Mother Nature has to throw at you, so the dude’s guide to dressing for travel suggests packing plenty of addable and removable streetwear layers.


Layer a cardigan or cotton jumper over a stylish Oxford shirt or basic tee. Work your mojo with a chunky cable or waffle-weave. Repeat after us: knitwear is gnarly. Once you have your addable and removable layers, you’re good to go. The cabin can be an icebox or a furnace and you’ll still have a smile on your face.


As for a jacket, the blazer is king. After all these years, the blazer still blazes. The traditional coat has more pockets than a Swiss Army knife has tools, which is perfect when you need to stowaway your wallet, phone, passport, and tickets – not to mention the number you got from the girl sitting in row 34C. If a blazer makes you feel too business class and you want an edgier look, opt for a shacket instead. Part Che Guevara, part Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely hearts Club Band, these military influenced jackets look good with indigo jeans and chunky boots.


Jeans are jammin’ and chinos are chillin’, but we prefer slim fit cargo pants. Ok, so we’re obsessed with pockets and storage, but you know how easy it is to lose your wallet or itinerary when traveling, right? Besides, who knows what’s gonna’ happen on your travels. If you wanna’ go all action adventure (aka. gung ho), you can’t be doing that in a pair of skinny jeans.


Finally, top the look off with a lightweight scarf. This is what’s called flare, boys. Everyone from WWII aviators to Al Pacino in The Godfather films got edgy with a little neckwear.


That’s it: You’re good to go. Now get out of those sweats and hail a cab to the airport. Vamos!

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