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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » You’ve Got The Look. We’ve Got The Goods. Only This October!
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Homies, hipsters, style kings, lend us your ears. It’s Autumn, man. Do you know what that means – other than pumpkin stout and witches on broomsticks (err, no, that’s not a subtle dig at the girlfriend who won’t stop texting you at 03:00am) It means…wait for it, that it’s time to ditch the flip-flops and get ready for cool weather with some cooler ‘body huggers’. So what’s fresher than mamma’s apple pie this October? Let’s bust out the crystal ball and take a look.
Olive Tones
Olives aren’t just things Mad Men put in their martinis. Olive tones are cooler than a well digger’s physique this fall. That’s a Tom Waits reference, for all you pop culture hounds keeping score. This Autumn Winter, work some olive knitwear into your wardrobe. It’s the ideal colour for layering because it doesn’t go all Clash of the Titans on you.
Military Influence
WHO HA! The military has been the single biggest influence on fashion in the last ten years. Hey, we said olive was trending, right? Believe it, kid. The military aesthetic is all about pattern and surface. From avant-garde catwalk pieces to night-on-the-town trench coats, military style is a timeless wardrobe essential. Sharp, strict, and rugged, it’s the epitome of streetwear masculinity.
Biker and Quilted Jackets
Ok, all you Sons of Anarchy. It’s time to bust out the biker jacket. Whether you want to channel James Dean, Marlon Brando or the lead singer of The Strokes, you’re going to need this staple piece in your closet. A biker jacket is like Fonzie (from Happy Days?) – always in style. The tough-guy image is a constant in the fashion industry, but hey, just cuz you’re sporting biker gear doesn’t mean you need a Harley. You can rock The Wild One look without it.
If the biker look isn’t your scene, opt instead for a quilted jacket. This Town and Country trend is all about soft lines and details. Need something to set you apart from the masses? Try a quilted jacket with elbow patches.
Ankle, Exposed
This one is for all you skinny-legged dudes out there. Two words: ankle cleavage. Yup, that’s right; it’s time to show a little skin. Don’t pack away those colored summer trousers just yet. The ankle exposed look can be worked by hemming a shorter or break free pant. You can also just roll those bad boys up, too. Is an exposed ankle too feminine? Hell, no. Think Brad Pitt strolling the South of France. Mmm hmm! That’s what we’re talking about.
And… that’s a wrap kids. Whether you’re hanging out casual or hitting da club, Breakbounce swag will elevate your game. Don’t miss it out! (hint: our Pinterest board).

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