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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » Say Whaddup To Your Neighbourhood Style Ninja This August
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Autumn is on its way, man — so it’s probably a good time to say “later homie” to your bright summer wear and gear up for cool weather with some hot new clothes, yo.


By this time, we know fo sho that you DO give a damn! So, get this. Bright colors should chill to match the coming season, dark earth tones will keep you warm and toasty (cheesecake!) on the inside as the nights turn cold outside and the timber werewolves come out for a li’l stroll. Navy and camel, or black and beige, are both killer combinations that never go out of style. Throw in some animal prints or motifs into your closet to bring out the Rob Schneider in you (just kiddin’, don’t sweat it too much) and let everyone else know you are da beast of mo-town! Don’t forget to Instagram your “mano-a-mano” with those werewolves when they sniff you out.


While you let that sink in for a bit — betcha didn’t know that this overall look for autumn is influenced by classic work wear (you gotta break bread every once in a while, right?). Think chinos, boots and blue chambray shirts. Hot dayum! Yo, imagine Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront” and then tweak your outfit with bits and bobs that will make your swag pop. No? How about a bow tie with a burst of color or a chunky knit scarf that’ll make you stand out like a muscle car in a street full of minivans? You gotta be down with that, come on! Just remember, a scarf is an absolute necessity for taller, leaner men (aka. pseudo giraffes) helping you look like a broad-shouldered demi-god *wolf howls* (guessing those were the werewolves?). It’s like going from Plastic Man to Thor in a jiff. Plus, name a chick that won’t totally dig it. Err, you don’t have to. Just take our word for it brah and keep readin’.


We get that the profile for the season is slim and fitted, so skinny jeans are an everyday staple. But boy, don’t miss doing the laundry at least once in a week, right? Perfectly understandable that going skinny keeps your profile tight and it works with pretty much every darn thing, from pointy shoes to low tops. Layering is cool too, for fall and winter, but keep those layers snug and close fitting. Else, you risk lookin’ like Steven Tyler after a nasty pillow fight. Ok, maybe that’s cool too but you gots to be lookin’ warm and dashing, not rumpled and sloppy. See, we care about you chaps! Yep, keep ‘em undershirts thin and crisp and knotted with a tie. Each successive layer should build in thickness, but don’t size up for that outer layer. It’s a look that smells classy and just a wee bit casual. And, it’s all good. If you screw this one up now, you’re really gonna hear it from us… or those werewolves! Seriously.


Another thing — Cardigans aren’t just for old dudes; they are back this season, so toss one on over a polo, tee or fitted shirt. No one’s gonna take your trip! Trust us boy, trust us. Chunky knitted cardigans in particular allow you to create a strong textural contrast between your outer layer and your undershirt. All good so far?


Aaaaaannd finally, accessories are the key to bringing your whole look together; whether it’s a bright pair of socks to bang up your junk, a fresh pair of sunglasses, or a hat to top it off. Manly touches that’ll set ya head and shoulders above the herd (of real people, not werewolves). Just saying. Check all this season’s shiz on our Pinterest page again! That’s where you need to be spending most of your time anyway.


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