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Breakbounce » Blog » Music » Get Laid Or Get Lucky? Daft Punk Chose The Latter *wolf Howls*
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For a moment, consider classic combinations like soup and sandwich, Laurel and Hardy, office furniture and Kama Sutra ( * wolf howls * ) positions. Now, imagine two things that were meant to go together like they were bonded with some sort of high-grade industrial adhesive.


We’re speaking, of course, of the most-streamed song in Spotify’s history… and condoms.

For immediate release, as they say in press kits and porn films, love glove manufacturer Durex has teamed up with Daft Punk in the most commercially savvy business decision since Oprah’s Vine account (she’ll get one — just you wait) to bring us a “Get Lucky” brand condom.


The sleekly designed chapeau-de-jimmy is just like your ordinary baby balloon, only this one’s got a picture from the video on it. That’s right, nothing says “I got trendiness in my pants” like whipping out a wearable meme.


Nile Rodgers may still be funkdafied and sexy after all these years, but that’s not what we want to see when we’re getting ready to do the deed. FYI – that’s exactly what we said when we saw David Hasselhoff in Baywatch the first time — but hey, people change right? The scene depicted on the package is the silhouette of the band against a sunset. Sunsets are uber sexy, in case you didn’t know. Then again, so are Daft Punk’s helmets. “Hey Optimus, got swag!?” — “Whaaat? I can’t hhheeaarr yyoouuu. Keep shut, earthling!”


Which brings us to a question: Why didn’t they design the condom itself to look like one of those cool helmets? The answer is simple: Metal is expensive. Besides, there are two things you never want near that area. One is sharp, steel edges. The other is the old lady from “Titanic.” Brah, she gives us the hibbie-jibbies!


Ok. At the time of writing this, “Get Lucky” the song is still going strong, and we suspect it will for quite some time. The beat is infectious. The melody hummable. The sound… come on, it’s Nile Rodgers. This is the man behind the groove of Chic. Suffering from cancer and he still manages to crank out a perfect throwback to 70’s and 90’s disco that’s as crystal clean and funky as anything he’s ever done. That’s just awesome-sauce, man!


Although the song, according to Pharrell Williams, is not just about sex, but also about “meeting someone for the first time, and it just clicking,”. Awww, cho chhweet. We all agree that “Get Lucky” is probably the best 1-liner for condom sales. Period. Yo, dancin’ yet?


Credits: © SnippyHolloW

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