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Breakbounce » Blog » Fashion » You’re Totally Gonna Look Dapper This July!
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Okay, it’s hangout time. Rain or no rain. When you’re ready to go out, you don’t want to wear anything heavy – none of those turtlenecks for you, no. You want something fashionable and light. You want a printed tee! You know, one with just the right amount of flavour to attract those females on the dance floor and just the right amount of comfort so you can be on top of your game the whole night.


The best thing about printed tees? You’ve got four different categories to choose from every night you’re out. Check this:


  • THE THROWBACK TEE – Throwing on one of those throwback tees shows you’ve got taste and appreciation for the great things that have come before. They’re also great conversation starters. Who wouldn’t want to party with a guy in a Bayside Tigers t-shirt or a Cobra Kai t-shirt? Oh, and don’t forget, nerd culture is mainstream and accepted. Go ahead and throw on that t-shirt with the Captain America logo. Everyone’s seen The Avengers by now.

  • THE DESIGNER TEE – These t-shirts are just the perfect amount of printed awesome – they just scream style and fashion. Let the haters snicker at you behind their boring dress shirts. You’re gonna feel great and look like a million bucks. Be bold. Pick up a tee with one of those catching designs and you’ll catch the eyeballs that DO matter.

  • THE SPORTS TEE – Show off your allegiances and you’ll get high-fives from fellow fans and plenty of chats with those cool sports-fan females out there. There’s nothing wrong with rocking team spirit, especially when your team is in the midst of a big winning streak or just coming off a championship. The Champions League and Futbol Mundial, baby!!!!

  • THE CONCERT TEE – What better place to show off your musical tastes? Pick out that tee you spent 500 bucks for at the Foo Fighters show back in ’05 and throw it on. Odds are you’ll strike up a conversation with someone else who’s got all of that band’s CDs. Try going obscure or indie – maybe mix in that My Morning Jacket or Wilco tee – and ignore the tees from those fad bands (yeah, it’s probably better to burn that Nickelback tee man).

  • THE BREAKBOUNCE TEE – Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re killing the scene with our melange of awesome-sauce tees. Check it – big brother Breakbounce got ‘stripes’ to add some character to your summer look without overstepping any boundaries, ‘photo prints’ to give an instant style boost with vibrant and retina-poppin’ imagery, and the massively popular ‘graphic prints’ to take simple & comfy outfits and make you look fresh out of Brad Pitt’s oven. Don’t take our word for it? Go check out our uber-sexy Pinterest page and get pinning already. Damn… son!!!

And, that’s it! So, whatchoo’ wearing tonight, bub? Say it in the comments below.

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